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Hot tips for driving the ball miles commissionfree june 26, 2014 start slideshow. Golf driver swing tips including proper technique to prevent a slice or hook and achieve high swing speed and plane. The plane of your swing is dictated to a large extent by the shafts angle at address. Go see a pro to fit you for the best drills if you want to change it. He then carries the king one utility irons for his 4 and 5 then the forged one from 6pw. Gary woodland stats, tournament results pga golf espn. If you don t think distance matters, gary woodland would. Another thing that will straighten the ball out is to change the swing plane so you are hitting on a higher swing plane than your current swing. Golf videos, golf 7 r, play golf, lpga tour, golf putting tips, best golf clubs, golf drivers, golf driver swing. Gary woodland pga tour profile news, stats, and videos.

Following a successful college career, he turned pro in 2007 and briefly competed on the circuit then known as the nationwide tour, now the korn ferry tour. And he has a few little pieces in his golf swing that maybe you could learn to copy to see whether you can maximize your drive a. The swing you make with a wedge in your hands is naturally more upright or should be than the swing you make with a driver. If you want to know how to pick up some easy yards off the tee, youre catching. The sweetswinging gary woodland uses this thought as one of his three keys to hitting a high draw have a look at this video showing woodland from behind. Sporting a face designed with the help artificial intelligence, the epic flash offers a lot of adjustability in both cg and loft settings.

Find this swing checkpoint to bomb it like gary woodland. First, i had all of my clubs made onehalf inch longer than the standard. Forgetting for now the complex coordination required to create a powerful and accurate golf swing, theres really only one aspect of the stroke that dictates if the ball goes straight. How francesco molinari picked up 20 yards off the tee and. Notice in particular how the clubhead travels straight back on. Drive the golf ball further down the middle of the fairway, by finding the center of. Gary woodland uses an allaround game to compete consistently with the best in the world, and has reached a personal high of 36 th in the world golf rankings back in 2011. Gary is able to keep the path of his hands and the clubhead in close. How your right arm can get you off plane in your golf swing find your approach golf. See a framebyframe look at gary woodland s swing with analysis by his instructor randy smith. Subscribe to mattholmangolf to see more professional golf instructions and. Gary woodland is one of the longest hitters on the pga tour. He has moved into the new cobra king speedzone driver. Gary woodland rips a drive on the 480 yard 4th hole at quail hollow remember to click 720 or 1080 in the settings at the bottom for the best picture quality.

How one of golfs greatest legends uses the driver golf driving for distance. Woodland has competed on the pga tour since 2009 and has four wins. Gary woodland born may 21, 1984 is an american professional golfer who plays on the pga tour. Better drivers of the ball tend to hit up on the ball anywhere from 15 degrees up. Many instructors will talk about swing plane and in some circles this is a huge area of debate. Understanding swing plane and club path andrew rice golf. Get the pga tour schedule, results, rumors and more on. Instructors debate if the golf swing produces more accuracy with a flatter simpler one plane golf swing or if two planes in the golf swing simply creates too much power to sacrifice for the accuracy. Bryson dechambeau witb winning clubs national club golfer. Rst full swing videos, bomb your driver bonus series and the rst fitness series. But no matter how fast you swing, you can max out your driver by doing one of the basic things woodland does so well. Clubfitters take a lot of familiar things into account when fitting you for clubs. If you make square contact with the ball at impact, your ball will, without a doubt, fly straight. And after a brief session with a club pro we decided that my driver swing plane was a little steep.

If youre battling a slice, your swing is off plane. Shaft suggestions for 910 d2 driver 9092 mph swing. Gary woodland takes his pants off and gets dirty for hole. What you need to learn to hit longer straighter drives. Drives launched on the upswing golf swing tip if dustin johnson is the poster child for golfs new breed of. See more ideas about golf tips, golf and golf lessons. A slightly more stood up backswing position where the driver is going to ultimately give me as flat a swing plane and flatter coming into the golf ball can encourage me to hit more from the inside. Check out this index for easy access to all of our coverage of golf news, instruction, equipment and courses.

The first is making a swing thats easily repeatable and produces a predictable ball flight like the iron shot im using more this year that punches. Short powerful swing video by pete styles jb holmes is another golfer who has a slightly less than conventional golf swing. Gary players golf driving for distance tips break 80 golf. Rory mcilroy slow motion driver golf swing from driving range rory mcilroy. The noodle will train you to swing back and through on the same plane, and will make your swing more efficient. Teaching and coaching the full swing and short game skills over 10 years. Gary woodland golf swing there was an article in golf weekly about rookie gary woodland. Essentially, woodland was a former basketball player for kansas and hes one of the longest hitters on tour, with a clubhead speed around mph and a ball speed of 190 mph most tour pros have an average clubhead speed of 115 and a ball speed of 170 mph.

See a framebyframe look at gary woodlands swing with analysis by his instructor randy smith. He makes a very short back swing, but jb holmes is renowned as one of the longest hitters on. I dont know how accurate the before is, since hogans fame came mostly following. Now gary woodland is one of the guys at the moment, who is really bombing the ball out that was probably the longest of most people out on tour at the moment. Round 3 gary woodland finishes with evenpar 70 in third round of the world golf championshipsfedex st. Gary woodland swing analysis gary woodland is one of the longest hitters on the pga tour and also has one of the most efficient golf swings. The simple swing plane drill thats going to make you a. Changing swing to hit up on driver golf tips team titleist. This reduces the amount of spin on the ball and increases the launch angle thus increasing both carry and roll distance when a golfer hits up on the ball with a neutral swing plane straight at the target notice how the pencil club path points left of the target. Try to position your hands a little higher at the top of the swing. This driver has been a hit since its initial release. No one is going to be able to give you drills without knowing your swing plane, delivery, etc. It sounds like you were fit for the best driver for your swing. Gary woodland doesnt need any tricks or gimmicks in his swing to generate power.

Also, assuming you have an average swing speed around 100mph, try to change your swing so you are hitting up on the ball at impact. I have talked about the key to ben hogans swing being found in the pivot and not anything else he was doing, and there is one picture that you want to look if youre trying to figure hogan out theres a beforeafter illustration of his swing, before and after his nearfatal car wreck in 1949. Golf tips like how to make a more powerful golf swing. Golf channel chipping tips gary woodland, golf backswing, golf practice, chipping tips. Im hitting my driver just as far as my 3 wood golf. Woodlands swing is uniquely suited to hitting this kind of shot. See more ideas about golf, golf lessons, golf tips. What you need to learn to hit longer straighter drives video lesson by pga pro pete styles surely one of the greatest feelings in golf is hitting the driver as far as you can, as hard as you can straight down the middle. Use your shadow as a guide to improving your swing path.

Golf tips if you want to control ball flight your short game, you need to. So let my backswing just round off a little bit, let it be a little bit flatter. The golf swing in two moves instruction golf digest. Doing a drill that someone uses for their swing wont necessarily work for you unless your swing mechanics are identical. Drawing the golf ball with a driver video lesson by pga. The driver has a longer shaft than the wedge and a flatter lie the angle at which the shaft emerges from the clubhead, so. Was hitting all other clubs ok due to hitting down on ball but after a small tweak to just my driver swing plane all is well again. Woodland finished the 2011 season in 17th place on the pga tour money list. The app is an extension of the rotary swing website premium features and doesnt include any golf swing recording or analysis, just video content about rotary swing methods and techniques. Gary woodland was trying to get out of a messy situation while playing his ball on a muddy embankment.

Jude invitational round 2 gary woodland shoots 1over 71 in round two of the world golf. I believe because it is so different, the spine tilt is the most difficult position for students to learn with the single plane swing. Gary woodlands signature shot is a stinger that even tiger woods would be proud of. A power player with a fast swing speed such as pga tour player gary woodland needs a higher flex point to help keep his shots under control. The single plane address requires you to tilt into a position similar to impact moving the swing easier. The addition of the world cup will complement an already strong swing of. Keeping in mind this american stress on the long ball, i hope my methods of adding distance will be helpful to the reader. Matt holman pga advanced professional provides some thoughts as to how he is able to. Master a flat, lowhands swing like matt kuchars to create more rotational speed and youll get more straight drives that go deep. Driver golf swing plane the best golf swing tips and videos. With the help of tour player gary woodland, lets take a look. Chris oconnell, pga tour instructordirector of instruction for the plane truth. Gary woodlands signature stinger is just as good as.

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